National School Community Presentations

Jed Gaines, founder and president of Read Aloud America, visits schools nationwide. Jed will visit your school community for one week and present a 4-part program for faculty and staff, parents and community members, and students.

  1. School faculty/staff presentations are scheduled after school
  2. Parent/community events take place in the early evening
  3. Student visits are conducted in classrooms during the school day
  4. A roundtable meeting with school staff, administrators, and community members is scheduled at the convenience of participants.

Click here to read the SFUSD Harvey Milk School letter following a presentation at their School.

Presentation and Class Schedule

Faculty and Staff - 1 hour

Parents/Community Presentation - 90 minutes

Roundtable - 2 hours

Classrooms -

Grades K-2: 30-45 minutes, 25 students max.

Grades 3-8: 50-60 minutes, 35 students max.

Presentation Package includes:

  • Faculty/staff presentation
  • Parent/community presentation
  • 4 classroom visits
  • one roundtable meeting
  • handout masters
  • travel costs
  • per diem expenses

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