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As a subsidiary of the 2016-17 Grant-In-Aid funded by the State of Hawai`i Read Aloud America is pleased to be able to offer evening Parenting Programs at selected public schools. The schools listed below have enjoyed an evening of family literacy and a light dinner. All participants gather together in the school cafeteria for 30 minutes of trivia and being read aloud to by Founder and President, Jed Gaines. Children are then escorted to classrooms where the school provides activities for them. The adults remain with Mr. Gaines where he shares with them parenting insights and tips for reading aloud to their children. The adults are provided with a packet of information that they can take home for future use. Mr. Gaines also reads aloud to the parents from a variety of types of literature. After 60 minutes, the children return and the school provides a light dinner. The final activity is the drawing for door prizes for both the children and the adults. All door prizes come with a brand new book.

These schools have been or will be the recipient of this special program for 2017.

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