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RAP Fees in Hawaii

RAP Fee: Graduated fees based on attendance. Call Jed Gaines for details: (808) 531-1985

Upon signing a contract with RAP, each school is entitled to the following professional services and program components:


  • Faculty presentation
  • 6-12 classroom visits (depending on school size)
  • Six RAP evening sessions
  • Handouts & Registration materials
  • Family Reading Handbook for each family
  • Snacks, Drinks & Dinners
  • Book Swap Books at each session for children and adults
  • Trained Presenter
  • 3 sets of 3"x12" RAP banners
  • 10-12 Door Prizes for end of program at each session (board games, Legos, gift certificates, t-shirts, other prizes as received by local businesses)
    all Door Prizes come with a new book
  • 10-12 Grand Door Prizes for final session (ukulele, Ipod, Set of 4 tires, Gift Certificates, high-value prizes of value to students and parents)
    all Door Prizes come with a new book
  • New hard-back and trade paperback books as prizes for adults and students at each session
  • First Class postage for two mailings to all school families
  • Flyers and reminder memos
  • Read Aloud sessions for children by age level -
    Toddler through Grade 8
  • Trained Volunteer Readers

  • Trained Early Ed Specialist for Toddler Read-Aloud
  • RAP UP! Book for each family at Session 6
  • Liaison Manual
  • New RIF book for every child at Sessions 2, 4 and 6
    (at selected schools)


Steps to becoming a RAP school:

1. Contact Read Aloud America

Click here to fill in a scheduling form, or contact Jed Gaines at:
    Phone: (808) 531-1985
    Fax: (808) 593-1984

2. Set up a planning meeting:

The school team, usually consisting of the Principal. Librarian, PCNC and/or PTA President, meets to discuss necessary agreements and schedules.

3. Schedule a RAP Implementation Meeting:

The school team meets with the RAP Coordinators to review program logistics. Topics include:

  • Schedules and responsibilities
  • Flyers and notices
  • Registration procedures
  • Volunteer needs

4. Meet with your RAP School Volunteers to train them on how the program works, volunteer responsibilities, and motivate them on the fun of RAP to come!



Founder and CeO Jed Gaines awards grand prizes and a new book to a lucky winner of the door prize drawing at Barber's Point School.

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