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You know that reading aloud is the cornerstone activity to help your children flourish in school – and in life. And you don’t just want your children to know how to read – you want them to love it. Our free monthly newsletter is focused on just that: the love of reading. Subscribe today for advice, book recommendations, and theme-based activities to help you inspire a love of reading in your children.

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When you subscribe for free today, you’ll immediately be added to our growing list of insiders – parents who want to inspire a love of reading in meaningful ways. In each issue of For the Love of Reading, you’ll receive:

A personal letter from the Read Aloud America team

An introduction and guide to a monthly read-aloud theme

Links to resources that support your at-home efforts

Ideas for kid-friendly fun, which connects books to real life

Recommendations for wonderful books, based on age level

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We at Read Aloud America believe that reading aloud is the #1 solution to change the world in a meaningful, positive, lasting way. When families bond, they become strong. When families are strong, they build stronger communities. And strong communities are the building blocks of a vibrant nation. Join us on our mission, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter, For the Love of Reading, to receive specially curated information, education, advice, and updates.

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