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We hear from parents often, who wonder how to encourage kids to read. The answer is, “make it fun!” Enjoyment is the key to inspiring lifetime readers and transforming our children’s future. That’s why we keep valuable, free resources right here and available to all. Learn how to cultivate reading-friendly homes and download free resources that work for you. You can even download brightly colored, printable posters to decorate your at-home reading nook! We update content regularly, so be sure to check back for our latest additions.

How to Encourage Kids to Read

Start with these strategies to encourage kids to read. Remember, when you build enjoyable reading habits with your family, you’ll help kids associate reading with pleasure, which will inspire them to read on their own.  Need more advice? Explore more resources and guides below! 

Find a time to read when you can both relax and enjoy it – try bedtime, nap time, snack time, after dinner.

Get comfortable. Find a cozy spot to read and make sure the TV and other distractions are off.

Read the book or story yourself before you read it to your child. Tell your child why you love it.

If your child doesn’t like a book, switch to another. If he or she isn’t in the mood, stop reading and try again later.

Go to the library with your children regularly. Ask the librarian to recommend books and book lists. Get your children their own library cards.

Build a home collection of books. Shop at garage and book sales. Trade books with friends.

You don’t have to be a great reader, just read from the heart.

Make it fun. It’s not a lesson, so avoid quizzing.

Talk about the stories with your child, but don’t ask questions. 

Encourage your children to look at books on their own. Let them take books to bed and read themselves to sleep.

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How to Raise a Lifetime Reader

Printable Graphics

Make reading fun! Print these colorful infographics to infuse energy, hang up reminders, and decorate your favorite space to read. This will add cheer and excitement to any reading nook! We update this often so that you always have a fresh way to brighten your reading space at home!

3 Rings to Reading

R.E.A.D. Great Books!

Recommended Reading

Every year, Read Aloud America publishes a comprehensive list of recommended age-level appropriate books. Access our archives here! When you wonder how to encourage kids to read, sometimes the solution is as simple as letting them choose a book that interests them!

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