Raise a Lifetime Reader

So far, you’ve explored why it’s important to read aloud regularly and what key home habits you can adapt to cultivate a reading-friendly home. Now, let’s wrap up by identifying how you can tie it all together with practical strategies. Before we close, we want to remind you of two important things:



Reading aloud to your kid doesn’t have to be a chore. Sitting down to read doesn’t have to be a punishment. Raising a lifetime reader can be a fun process, and its successful outcome will come because you made it just that: fun! Plus, you’ll lay the groundwork for your kids to become successful adults.

Tips to Raise a Reader

Raising a lifetime reader will be an ongoing process, starting at birth. As the parent, you have an instrumental role in setting the tone and role modeling behavior. Trust in your ability to be a wonderful example for your kids; just by watching you, they’ll learn what to do!
Let’s talk about easy, practical tips that you can do – starting today – that will instill a love a reading in your kids, and build the road toward success in school and in life.

Read aloud daily for at least 20 minutes.

Let your children select books to read.

Diversify reading materials - books, magazines, comic books & more.

Let your children help create a reading nook.