Get Creative with Read Aloud Activities

Families who attended our popular Read Aloud Program (RAP) received an activity book to continue the spirit of RAP at home. Now, we’ve made this coveted booklet available to all! Download for free now!

Open New Possibilities

Do you dread how much time your children spend on screens? Whether it’s a rainy day, a snow day, or simply a longstanding habit, feeling cooped up can lead to a dependence on screens – for both children and adults. But as your child’s parent, you have a great opportunity to open the day up to new possibilities and build habits that strengthen your relationship and stimulate your children’s minds in healthy ways. And here, you can access a tool to help you do that.

Read Aloud Activities for Everyone

Reading aloud before bedtime is a time-honored, wonderful way for parents and children to wrap up their day. But you can take the joy of reading even farther! In fact, read aloud activities can be implemented just about everywhere, giving everyone a chance to experience the joy of reading in fun ways.
Let us introduce “Let’s RAP: Best activities to bring the fun of the Read Aloud Program
to your home, classroom, or library.”
Inside, you’ll find:

Tips for parents, teachers, and librarians

Activities suitable for the home, classroom, or library

Ideas to bring read aloud fun to your friends and neighbors

Lists of easy-to-find materials

Step-by-step instructions to implement activities

Crafts, recipes, book clubs, and more!

Sounds Great! But What's RAP?

RAP stands for the Read Aloud Program, our popular and highly sought-after reading program, which has spread the joy of reading aloud to thousands of families. Over the years, we found that parents and children loved their experience at RAP, transformed their habits, and craved more ideas to maintain RAP’s joyful spirit and momentum.

So, we answered their call and developed “Let’s RAP!” Families received this book when RAP ended.

And now, to continue our efforts to remove financial burdens and make more read aloud resources available to anyone, we’re “unlocking” this activity book! Thanks to generous support from First Hawaiian Bank and individual donors, you can access your own, free “Let’s RAP!” activity book, any time, anywhere!

Ready to get started?

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Thanks to the generosity of First Hawaiian Bank and individual donors, you can download your own “Let’s RAP” activity book absolutely free!
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