RAP's Incredible Impact

For over 20 years, Read Aloud America’s popular RAP Program has inspired lifetime readers. Because of RAP, more parents are reading aloud to children.

A Legacy of Readers

Since its inception, RAP has provided stress-free, test-free family reading nights. When many others pressured families to achieve higher test scores or grades, we nurtured the wholesome habit of reading aloud to children. RAP’s focus on the fun of reading welcomes families into a joyful space where they can relax and enjoy listening to stories. By engaging people in the fun of reading, we’ve helped build families of lifetime readers. To date, RAP has:

Served 354,028 Adults & Kids

Implemented 171 Programs

Inspired 36,392 Library Visits

RAP Program Results: Reading Aloud to Children Soars

RAP encouraged a new approach to reading aloud to children. By promoting simple philosophies, like the “3 Rings to Reading,” and “R.E.A.D. Great Books,” we help families implement simple but effective ways to nurture the habit of reading at home.
It’s an approach that anyone can adopt as their own – and as our results show, many do. Simply by limiting electronic distractions and cultivating fun reading habits at home, more families are reading together. More children are reading independently. Fewer eyes are glued to screens. And, more libraries are lending well loved books. As our results show, RAP’s approach doesn’t just impact the home, it also impacts the school. By eliminating stress and requirements, RAP has achieved the following outcomes:
60% of parents read to their children 3x per week
70% of parents report spending less time with electronic devices
87% of parents report an increase in children's voluntary reading time
76% of parents increase their own reading time
100% of RAP families build and take home free Family Reading Handbooks
83% of parents report that increased read-aloud time led to positive behavior changes in the home
70% students report a more positive attitude toward school
79% of teachers report improved home to school relationship
75% of teachers report positive changes in students' behaviors
A hallmark of RAP’s approach, library patronage has also soared. RAP encourages parents and students to take advantage of “the best deal in town” and visit the public library. Because of this, RAP attendees have visited their local public library 36,392 times and accessed 4,867 new library cards! That means more parents are reading aloud to children, more children are listening to wonderful stories, and more families are growing closer through a wholesome, life-building activity.

Attendance Statistics

Despite operating only in Hawaii, RAP has enjoyed astounding success, gaining a reputation for the most effective family program around. Over the past 20 years, schools regularly sat on a waiting list to bring RAP to their communities, and RAP Nights often saw standing-room only crowds. Our largest single session gathered a whopping 982 adults and children! While COVID limited local program implementation, RAP’s track record in Hawaii has primed the program for national expansion. A forthcoming RAP toolkit will provide essential guidance to implement RAP in school communities.

RAP by the Numbers

Want to dig a little deeper? Check out our most recent impact graphic to learn about how RAP has impacted communities! Programs that promote reading aloud to children often involve assessments and stress; but, our approach takes the stress out of reading and puts the fun back in. Take one look at our numbers, and you’ll see why people keep coming back to RAP!

For the Love of Reading

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