Summer Reading Program

Take an adventure this summer! Download our 2024 Summer Reading Program, Capes, Wings, and Flying Things!

Your Ticket to Adventure

Our 2024 Summer Reading Program, Capes, Wings, and Flying Things, is now available for free download! This 5-week program is designed for children ages 2-10, and it’s organized by weekly themes to inspire the courageous heroes inside all of us! Enjoy book recommendations, indoor crafts and outdoor adventures, and find some fun printables at the end! Ready for take-off?

Thanks to Corporate Sponsors

Generous corporate support from Aloha Graphics and Barnes and Noble helped us increased families’ access to books and resources. The first 25 people who downloaded the summer reading program received a free printed copy and $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Supplies went fast! We’re thrilled by the overwhelming enthusiasm for reading! Free downloads are still available for all. Download now!

Preview What's Included

Summer is often a time when parents and educators worry about summer learning loss. But reading is the single most important activity that can help prevent summer learning loss. That’s why parents and educators around the globe turn to summer reading programs!
But, that doesn’t mean that summer reading has to be a drag, right? Absolutely not! Reading should be fun and exciting! That’s why we designed this summer reading program to infuse joy and energy into summer reading activities. Take a look at what you’ll find in Capes, Wings, and Flying Things.
5 Weekly Themes to Keep Kids Engaged

Weekly Book Recommendations for All Ages

Simple and Fun Crafts to Enjoy Indoors

Exciting Outdoor Activities for Explorer-Level Fun

Printable Pages to Enhance Fun and Engagement

Keep Reading Fun

The easiest, simplest way to turn a kid “on” to the joy of reading is by cultivating a home environment that links reading with pleasure. So, keep reading fun! Avoid quizzing your kids on what they read, or saying that they “have” to read. Read aloud to kids, even if they’re older. Involve them in the process and allow them to add their own creative spin. The more you make reading about fun, the easier it will be to raise a lifetime reader!

Download Your Summer Reading Program

Are you ready for take-off? Download Capes, Wings, and Flying Things for free now, and you’ll be emailed an electronic copy immediately. 

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capes, wings, and flying things!

Free Summer Reading Program

First 25 Get a $100 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble!