Thank you, you're taking steps to bring more books to kids.

When people like you understand the damage that’s caused when kids don’t grow up listening to stories, we know that there is hope to solve it.

You can do simple things today to make a positive impact on your own home or community:

You can also help us do more on a national scale. Consider making a gift to Read Aloud America. Your generosity helps us remove financial barriers that often stand between parents and quality reading resources. Gifts from donors like you help us produce reading resources for parents, available free of charge, which support their efforts to create enjoyable read aloud habits in their home – and set their children up for success in school and in life.

About Read Aloud America

We promote literacy through the fun of reading and reading aloud.
We remove financial burdens from families by creating quality, free reading resources.
We’re the home to the official Read Aloud Program, a program that will soon be packaged as a blueprint for schools.

Take it From Them


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