The Childhood Literacy Crisis in America

Did you know that the childhood literacy crisis isn’t rooted in poor test scores or even reading comprehension skills? You might be surprised where the crisis begins.

What do you know about the childhood literacy crisis?

Literacy, or the ability to understand and engage with written words, doesn’t come about simply by teaching a child howto read. It’s directly impacted by a child’s early experience listening to books that are read aloud to them. Young children who have access to books and parents who read aloud to them go on to become better independent readers, stronger students, and accomplished graduates and professionals.

Sadly, there is a childhood literacy crisis in the United States. How much do you know about it?

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Over the next few weeks, you can learn more about simple things you can do to ensure than more young kids have access to good books. The more we work together in our own communities, the more our nation will raise kids who love books and read proficiently. We’d love to share what we’re doing to advance this mission and serve kids everywhere.

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